Episode 68 - Syrian Christian Refugees and ISIS (part 2)

October 18, 2015

In part 2 of our discussion we delve further into the reasoning given by certain world leaders as to why ISIS and other Muslims terrorists have been given such latitude to murder not just Christian, but any who oppose them. Despite the naked evidence of ISIS soldiers having infiltrated the massive group of refugees seeking asylum in Europe and the United States, not one thing is being done to expose them.  

 German Chancellor, Angela Merkle, is facing a full blown revolt in her hands from her own people due to the influx of Muslim immigrants and refugees. Many of her countrymen are confused as to her tactics. She has hinted only that due to declining German birth rates, she has no other option but to allow immigration at the levels Germany is seeing presently. The logic is troubling as it is ironic. Germany under another Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, had arrived at a much different strategy to handle the declining birthrates. The result was a World War, the deaths of 6 Million Jews and a wrecked Europe.

Back in September of 2015, Pope Francis warned that warned that ISIS terrorists could "infiltrate" Europe by hiding among the tens of thousands of migrants escaping the horrors of war-torn countries such as Syria and Libya.

He said Italy in particular found itself in a vulnerable position, with ISIS having established a presence just a few hundred miles south on the desert coastline of Libya.

Join Chase Rockwell, Lou Rodgers and Mark Wilson as they conclude this discussion on Christian Refugees and why our leaders have betrayed the trust of their people.


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