Episode 67 - Syrian Christian Refugees and ISIS (part 1)

October 18, 2015

We’ve discussed the Terrorist group known as ISIS – the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq – before on this podcast. We’ve discussed their abhorrent acts towards humanity, their depraved behavior towards women and children. The indiscriminate killing by various methods which are usually recorded and mixed to emulate a highly polish, stylized Hollywood production. We’ve discussed what ISIS is and that they use the Qur’an and the Hadiths to justify their behavior. What we haven’t discussed is how they came into being and where they intend to take their fighting force.

Europe is presently under an invasion unlike any seen in perhaps generations. Not only are they being flooded with legitimate refugees escaping the tyranny of ISIS and other Islamic countries, but now we find that mixed amongst those legitimate refugees are scores of ISIS “Sleepers;” soldiers for their cause infiltrating and invading various European counties to set the stage for the next wave of invasion.

This tactic is nothing new and history has shown us that our leaders have been well aware of it all through the ages – except for today. Not one world leader is admitting that ISIS Soldiers are infiltrating the ranks of the refugees.

Lost on many in the West are the lives that have been absolutely decimated by this Fundamentalist Muslim sect. Christian men, women and children are being raped and brutally murdered by ISIS, al-Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist organizations bent on world conquest. This is wholesale Christian persecution no matter what propaganda is being spread by apologists of Islam to the contrary.

Join Chase Rockwell, Lou Rodgers and Mark Wilson as they discuss this most contentious issue.


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